How do I remove current wordpress installation and install fresh one

Hi! Please I ran into trouble with my site after trying to get .htaccess work.
The file corrupted and got my site malfunctioning with error 404 on post pages but works fine on normal pages.
I have looked for a way to solve this but no solution.
Now can someone guide me on how to remove current installation of wordpress in my linode and install frsh one so that I can start afresh and update files.
If possible I will like to know how to create htaccess without messing things up.
My site is Please check as this is really affecting me since I moved to linode yesterday

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Linode Staff

A really simple way of installing a fresh WordPress instance on your Linode is by creating a new Linode with our WordPress One-Click App. This will work well if you only need one instance of WordPress on your Linode.

Once you've created the new Linode with the fresh WordPress install on it, you can swap the IPs between the old Linode and the new one, thus making it unnecessary to reconfigure your DNS.

If you need a second WordPress installation on the Linode, you can still follow this procedure, but you'll need to install the second one manually which you can do by following this guide (which is geared for Ubuntu 18.04, but we do have other guides for different distributions):

Install WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04


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