Is possibly to have new A records resolving in faster times ?

Hello I'm planing to use the Linode API to generate new subdomains pointing to new servers and scale my application.

But I'm facing really long times until the new subdomain start to work (sometimes 45 minutes or more).

Why new A records are taking so long to update? Cloudflare service is almost instantly with new A records and I'm not really sure why a new record that is not cached anywhere has these times.

There is something that we can do to have better times in Linode DNS manager?


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I think Linode states somewhere that it only updates its master DNS servers every 30 minutes.

I couldn’t tell you where I read that so perhaps someone from Linode can confirm…

— sw

The general rule is that it can take up to 30 minutes for new DNS records to become active. We mention tat in this guide:

Add DNS Records

That said, in a lot of cases it takes less time than that. The 30 minutes is just an estimate, and I've seen them become active in much shorter spans of time.

This was an issue I faced also and ended up using an external provider - I can provide a referral if required.

However there may be hope on the horizon - in their 2019 year in review they state one item on the 2020 roadmap is:

Instantaneous DNS Manager updates

Fingers crossed!

Run your own DNS server.

Run your own DNS server.

I have done this myself previously, however the price I pay for an external provider to host 50 DNS zones, with unlimited records, unlimited queries, access to 4 servers across 29 anycast data centres with DDoS protection, is cheaper than a $5 Linode.

A Linode would be a single server in a single data centre, and the overhead of maintaining it myself. I'd need at least 2.

Plus some registries charge for registering your own nameservers as glue records - when I did this previously I was quoted $50 for one registry.

Instantaneous DNS Manager updates

Great! I'll wait for it

I can provide a referral if required.

I was planing to change nameserver to cloudflare that is free. Thanks!


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