Adding domain to existing One Click app WordPress install?

Okay, so, I have a nanode set up with Linode's one-click app WordPress install, which out of the box responds to the * subdomain of my nanode. Now that I've got it all working properly, I need to add my actual blog domain to the setup.

Which is where I'm not clear. Do I have to go manually setup a new apache2 VirtualHost for the blog domain, or does changing my WordPress Address URL in WordPress settings do some sort of automagical apache2 config taking care of that?

If I have to do it manually, how do I do it without wrecking the existing wordpress.conf and wordpress-le-ssl.conf files in sites-enabled?

I likely don't need anyone to do the work of a massive step-by-step, but if anyone knows some good pointers so I'm not just wandering in the desert, that would be great.



Sorry, I forgot to mention that Linode's guide to the One Click process simply says to go ahead and change the WordPress Address and Site URL settings in WordPress itself once your domain is pointing at your nanode server, which it is; I guess what I am seeking is reassurance that doing only that will work?

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Yep, the steps in our guide should work. You can edit the necessary files manually via the Linode, but since you're using Wordpress, you can just use the Wordpress interface to make those changes. This is the documentation from their site that explains your options for changing to the new domain.


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