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Hi, I backup a few files to our Linode once per month. Has been doing fine for months. All of a sudden the backups will not transfer to the Linode. I get the error: failed: dup() in/out/err failed. I found I can upload and download ok if I use regular FTP software using SFTP. But if I have one of our servers send a backup file to the Linode using SFTP it does that error.

The backup is coming from just a regular Linux server with Cent OS
6.1. It was setup to create backups of the server files once a month
and send them to a folder on our Linode server using SFTP with
password authentication

As I mentioned before, while the server is having trouble transferring to the Linode with
SFTP, I am able to use regular ftp software using SFTP and can upload
and download files no problem with same settings as server is using.

I appreciate any ideas you might have, thanks.

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Hey there,

I was doing some digging and while I didn't find an exact match to your problem, it looks like some other people have run into the same error code dealing with an rsync related error. It looks like based on some of the posts in that forum that it may be related to the ssh client/configuration on your server.

I hope this gives you a place to start.


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