I need a list of all IP addresses on my Linode account. How can I obtain this?

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I need to whitelist each IP address for my Linodes. I have quite a few, so is there any way I can quickly obtain these IPs?

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You can use the Linode CLI to list this information.

First, you'll want to Install the CLI:

pip install linode-cli --upgrade

Next, you'll need to create an API Token which can be obtained through the My Profile section of the Cloud Manager.

Afterward, you'll want to run through the configuration script to apply your token and set up your default settings:

linode-cli configure

Once that's done, you can use the following command to pull a report of the IPs on your account, per Linode.

linode-cli linodes list --format 'id,label,ipv4,ipv6'

If you'd prefer, you may also achieve this with the API. I'll post that documentation here:

Linode Instances

Getting Started with the Linode API


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