How do I resolve "CDROM cannot found error"?

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When trying to install some custom image of Debian 6 or Ubuntu 12.04, I keep received the error "CDROM cannot found". I need that packages version for a legacy system we are migrating to Linode. How can I resolve this?

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We have a guide specifically for installing custom images onto your Linode which should be helpful to follow while installing this image to avoid the error.

While troubleshooting this issue is outside the scope of support, I've found a few tips and resources that you might find helpful.

GitHub users have done a deep dive into this issue. Following this conversation can help you more fully understand this issue.
I've also found these tips on another Community Post:

  • The "Installer" profile has to set the "VM Mode" to "Full-virtualization". With this the disk devices are now seen in the /dev directory. I don't understand why this is necessary.
  • After booting to the installer, start a shell and mount /dev/sdb1 to /cdrom. Again it's not clear to me why this is necessary since the Debian installer will do this by default when installing to real hardware.


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