Run shell commands using API

Hi there,
How can I run shell commands using API after Linode is deployed?
I know we can use StackScript can be used while creating a Linode. But I would like to do it after Linode is deployed?

What I actually need is to install lets encrypt certificate using API only when a custom action is triggered. Is this something possible using Linode API?

Thank you

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Hey there -

The Linode API is a way of interacting with, and performing the actions of, the Cloud Manager from the command line.

Let's Encrypt via Certbot is a process that's run on your Linode's internal configuration, and isn't a task that can be done via the Cloud Manager, so the API wouldn't be applicable in this situation. To run this, you'd want to access your Linode via SSH and follow the guide that we put together on how to do this:

Secure HTTP Traffic with Certbot

For further information about our API, check out our documentation here:

Linode API

Also, you can use the Linode Command Line Interface (CLI) with the API as well:

Linode CLI


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