Can I use linodes on multiple regions with a NodeBalancer?

I am setting up a website that will be accessed globally, and I want to setup nodes in the US, UK, and India (our traffic centers). I was reading through the documentation for NodeBalancers, and it mentions

Add one in the same data center that your backend Linodes are located in.

But I want my Linodes to be in multiple different datacenters, with the load balancer picking the most appropriate location and routing traffic there.

Is this possible using NodeBalancers, or will I need to use another tool?

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I setup two servers, each with a private IP, one in the US and one in Europe, and my assumption that everything has to be in the same region was confirmed. Is there any way to do this with nodes in different regions, or will I have to use a different Load Balancing solution? I am fine with using public IPs, I don't understand why node balancers are limited to private IPs.

Hey there -

You're correct that with NodeBalancers, you'll need to set everything up in the same data center/region.

That said, if you're looking to set up something like High Availability across data centers, we have another post that discusses this:

Can I use NodeBalancers across data centers?


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