When is Private VLAN will be available?

Hello, dear Linoders,

I am a happy customer of yours, reading the upcoming news earlier this year I found that there were plans to have Private Vlans this year.

Do you have any ETA as of when are customers going to benefit from this? Is it going to see the light this year?. If there is a beta I would be happy to participate.


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We're glad you're looking forward to it :) We do plan to have per-customer VLAN available before the end of the year, though we don't have many details to provide quite yet about a release date or beta program. Keep an eye on our blog for updates!

I would also like to participate in a beta of this.

Hey @andysh. Thanks for your interest in beta testing. I've let the team know. We may also make an announcement on our blog when we reach this stage.

@rdrdaniels, any update on per-customer VLAN? Will I be able to create as much vlans I want or just one ? Will I be able to create custom private networks as well?

We are getting close to the EOY.


Signed up for the beta :) Any update on the roadmap?

@pbxcraft We're currently in beta now! Reach out to us via Support ticket and we can help get you included in it. VLANs beta is currently only available in our Toronto, Mumbai, Atlanta, and Sydney.

any update about when it'll be available in Europe?
We have several linodes in Frakfurt and London, and it'll be mandatory for our architecture soon.

@mbedi We're working on rolling out VLANs to all of our data centers, however we do not have a specific timeline for London or Frankfurt. Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for any updates.

Be sure to keep an eye out on our blog for any updates.

We always get told this - but there was no announcement that firewalls were live in London on the blog - or even that firewalls are out of beta and are now GA.

I found it out myself just browsing the Linode website one day - which kinda sucks as I was also a beta tester for firewalls.

The only mention so far of it has been a line in a newsletter a week or two after I was already using them in London!

@andysh The blog is where we usually make these types of announcements so that's why we point folks there. With that said, I see what you mean regarding Cloud Firewalls and I've shared this feedback with the rest of the company. We also try to come back to these Community posts and update everyone once a particular product or service becomes available. Either way, we appreciate you chiming in here and sharing this feedback.

@andysh Any update on Cloud Firewalls and VLAN availability in Frankfurt ?

@MichalWisdomTech sorry, I don’t work for Linode so I’m unable to answer your question.

@MichalWisdomTech We don't currently have an ETA on VLAN availability in Frankfurt. Cloud Firewall is now available in Frankfurt! You can open a Support ticket from Cloud Manager if you need some help getting that set up on your account.

@rdaniels we want to run some services on your server and kubernetes.
VLAN will make configuration more easy. And for that reason i want to know if VLAN will be available in month or we have to configurate it in some another way.
That is the reason for this question

Any update about VLAN availability in Newark?

@mbelchin - We are targeting the first half of 2022 for availability in Newark. Keep an eye on this page as we'll update the list of available regions there!

@jyoo Thanks for the update.

If I start setting up new web servers using Private IPs to connect to DB Servers, how difficult will it be later on move to VLANs in terms of configuration? Can it be done with zero-downtime?

@mbelchin - There would be a small amount of downtime involved as attaching a VLAN to an existing Linode involves a reboot. You would also need to configure the Linodes to communicate over the appropriate network interface.

Friendly nudge here. I would like to onboard more VMs to your Frankfurt location, but am waiting for the VLAN feature. Do you have a timeline? Your last comment on it is from 8 months ago, perhaps there is some news?

I'd like to know ETA for VLAN support in Europe. My security deployment involves VLANs and I'm stuck in Toronto, so far away in latency from home.

Do you have any estimation?


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