When is Private VLAN will be available?

Hello, dear Linoders,

I am a happy customer of yours, reading the upcoming news earlier this year I found that there were plans to have Private Vlans this year.

Do you have any ETA as of when are customers going to benefit from this? Is it going to see the light this year?. If there is a beta I would be happy to participate.


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Linode Staff

We're glad you're looking forward to it :) We do plan to have per-customer VLAN available before the end of the year, though we don't have many details to provide quite yet about a release date or beta program. Keep an eye on our blog for updates!

I would also like to participate in a beta of this.

Hey @andysh. Thanks for your interest in beta testing. I've let the team know. We may also make an announcement on our blog when we reach this stage.

@rdrdaniels, any update on per-customer VLAN? Will I be able to create as much vlans I want or just one ? Will I be able to create custom private networks as well?

We are getting close to the EOY.



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