How Do I Quickly Spin Up Sites with the Same Base Stack?

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I'm looking for some way to quickly spin up sites that all use the same base stack— cPanel, WordPress (headless-MERN), with Gatsby and Docker enabled, and git, CDN, caching, SSL, caching, and backups preconfigured

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Hey there -

This is a great question! There are a few ways you can look into doing something like this, and I'll provide you with some options.

A great feature that we have is our Linode Images, where you can create what we call a 'Golden Image' which can be deployed directly to new Linodes as often as needed.

You can also deploy new Linodes with our Community StackScripts. While we don't currently have one that matches exactly what you're looking for, you're welcome to create your own.

When it comes to Backups, you can auto-enroll new Linodes with the Backups service.

For SSL, you can create a SNI certificate that will cover each domain on a Linode. It's pretty easy to do using Certbot with Let's Encrypt, check out this other post that can show you how:

Create an SNI Certificate with Certbot


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