RustServer in CentOS7

I create a rust server with CentOS7 and it main service to Taiwanese Player, but it can't show on client serverlist (Hong Kong's player can see my server).
How can i do to let all over the world can see my server?
Do I need to make extra setting?
(my server is on Singapore)

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Hey there -

I've not played Rust, but I did some digging around on it. It sounds like you may need to configure port forwarding on your server in order to make it public.

Port Forward - Rust

The ports that need to be opened for Rust (as given in the above-linked page) are these:

TCP 28015-28016
UDP 28015-28016

Tecmint has a guide on how to enable port forwarding on a Linux server, which I'll link below:

How to Create SSH Tunneling or Port Forwarding in Linux

I hope that helps!


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