Okay silly question here but what is the difference between the beta nameservers here in beta test and a registrar?

I am confused and have registered so many domains I am getting frustrated.

Is DynDns a good registrar?

Please explain things clearly please and once I have locked in my mind the hard part is over.


New Linode User David

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A registrar actually registers your domain with the relevant authority for your top-level domain and arranges for the root name servers to be updated to point to your domain's DNS servers.

A registrar may also reply to DNS queries about your domain using their servers (usually, but not always, your choice whether or not to use this service - some registrars will not delegate DNS to outside servers).

The Linode domain name servers will reply to DNS queries for your domain (if you set them up to do so). They will be able to act as the primary and secondary DNS servers for your domain, or you will be able to slave them off a DNS server running on your Linode. Linode does not register your domain.

The Linode DNS servers are in pre-beta - only the user interface is up for testing - the changes are not actually committed to a real name server yet.

I have only used DynDNS for the dynamic DNS service that they made their name with, so I can't speak for their qualities as a registrar. I use ZoneEdit as both registrar and DNS server host.


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