How do I deploy Linodes from a saved image using the Linode CLI?

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I'd like to be able to deploy Linodes from a saved image using linode-cli instead of having to enter the details every time using the browser. How can I do this?

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To deploy from a saved image using the Linode CLI, you'll first need to get the images ID. To obtain the ID for an example image named testimage, you'd run the following command:

$ linode-cli images list --text | awk '/testimage/{print $1}'

You can also just use linode-cli images list, but the command above will return only the data you need, and nothing else.

In the case above, the image testimage has an ID of private/12345. You can then use that ID to deploy from an image using a command like the following:

# Replace 'private/12345' with your image's ID
# Be sure to enter the IMAGE'S ID (e.g. 'private/12345') 
# and NOT the LABEL (e.g. 'testimage')
$ linode-cli linodes create --label "$LABEL" \
                            --region "$REGION" \
                            --root_pass "$PASSWORD" \
                            --image 'private/12345' \
                            --type "$PLAN_TYPE" \
                            --authorized_keys "$SSH_PUBLIC_KEY"

You can also script the process of obtaining the image ID and creating the Linode like this:

# Replace 'testimage' with your image's label
# Be sure to enter the LABEL (e.g. 'testimage') 
# and NOT the IMAGE'S ID (e.g. 'private/12345')
IMAGE_ID="$(linode-cli images list --text | awk '/testimage/{print $1}')"

linode-cli linodes create --label "$LABEL" \
                          --region "$REGION" \
                          --root_pass "$PASSWORD" \
                          --image "$IMAGE_ID" \
                          --type "$PLAN_TYPE" \
                          --authorized_keys "$SSH_PUBLIC_KEY"

I've included our APIv4 Documentation, which also includes examples for the Linode CLI, for your reference.


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