How do I manage multiple accounts with the Linode CLI?

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I have multiple accounts that I'd like to use with the Linode CLI. How can I set that up?

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You can add multiple access tokens to the Linode CLI using linode-cli configure to set up each user. Just be sure to choose the correct option when asked if you'd like to set the current user as the default. You can then switch users on a per-command basis using the --as-user flag. For instance, you can list the Linodes which the user exampleuser has access to with a command like the following:

linode-cli --as-user exampleusername linodes list

You can also list configured users with the show-users command:

linode-cli show-users

Change users using the 'set-user' command:

linode-cli set-user secondexampleuser

And remove users with the remove-user command:

linode-cli remove-user thirdexampleuser


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