How do I configure my Linode running Windows to use IPv6

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I am not able to use IPv6 connection in my Linode. I am running a Windows server and I think that may have something to do with it.

I tried fixing the IPv6 with the provided on the "Networking" menu but still no connection.

What can I do and am I able to use the IPv6 address that was assigned to my Linode originally (the one that shows up in Cloud Manager)?


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From what I understand, setting up a windows server on Linode is no small task, so hats off to you on that!

The supported Linux distributions have an option to auto-configure networking, however that wouldn't be available for a custom image like yours. After doing some digging I found the following guides that might help you out:

Lastly I found this step by step guide on statically configuring IPs in Windows 10. This one in particular seems to have a very straight forward path towards configuring your IPv6 Address statically in Windows. You may find that helpful.

Based on that guide you can opt to elect to make manual edits to your IP settings, select IPv6 and populate the fields with the IPv6 info from Cloud Manager.

I hope this helps! And if anyone has anything else to add, please chime in!

Disabling temporary IPV6 addresses may be helpful as well, linked to here.

Windows should be able to automatically configure the IPV6 address properly after that, using SLAAC. I had success with this once when I ran Windows on a Linode. I was using Windows 10 at the time, so those instructions should apply with any version of Windows since 2012.



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