Can't telnet to SMTP servers from linode

Hello everyone, I set up a linode (LAMP Debian 9) for hosting opencart but I am having trouble sending emails. It seems that all the connection to smtp servers on port 25/465/587 are block/not working. I can telnet localhost for example but executing a:

telnet 587
results in :
Trying 2603:1026:207:a5::2…

I can telnet into outlook servers from my home pc, I tried opening the ports using ufw allow but it makes no difference. Can you please help me figure out the problem ?

Thank you :)

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Hey there -

If this is a new account, the reason that you're most likely running into this is that the mail ports are blocked by default. This is a measure we introduced in 2019 to help combat spam:

A New Policy to Help Fight Spam

This seems like it's most likely the issue. To get those restrictions lifted, just open a ticket requesting it. That way we can look into it and get that taken care of for you.

Thank you @rgerke! Yes I am a new user, I suspect that might be the reason but didn't know why and what to do.


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