How to check the status of a disk resize with the API?

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I've been trying to auto-resize a Linode plan using the API. Up to now I've been doing it manually in three steps, one by one.

  1. Shutdown Linode
  2. Resize Linode disk
  3. Resize Linode plan

To automate these 3 steps under one single script, I need to add some wait time or some flag specifically between step 2 and 3, since the disk resize takes some time. Like, don't go to step 3 until step 2 is complete.

Is there a way I can check the status of a disk resize to see if it's complete or still in progress?

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You can check the disk's state via the "status" field.

Status while resize is in progress:

curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$linodeID/disks/$diskID/ | jq .status
"not ready"

Status when resize is complete:

curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$linodeID/disks/$diskID/ | jq .status

Then for information on the progress of shutdown and resize jobs, check the status of the Linode instance.

curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$linodeID | jq .status

# resizing plan
curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \$linodeID | jq .status


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