Node Auto scaling LKE

Hi Team,

I would like to know if Node Auto scaling feature is available in Linode Kubernetes Engine?

If yes, may get the documentation on how to do it?

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Hey there -

I'm happy to point you in the right direction. There's another post here on the site that a colleague of mine created that talks about autoscaling (both with Kubernetes and with our API). I'll link you to it here:

How can I achieve autoscaling on the Linode platform?

I hope that gives you the guidance you need!

Dear @urolimesupport, could we get more clarifications as the original question was about "Node" auto scaling (not Pod aka HPA)

It seems node pool auto scaling is not supported with LKE.

If you have a look into the LKE API documentation it seems like it is supported but I could not get it working. There is a autoscaler feature on the nodepools which should do node autoscale according to the description. But so far it just does nothing. If I find out how it works I will post again


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