Can you do a manual backup on Linode


On Cpanel I always have, and still do, run my backups manually as automated systems sometimes don't do what they are meant to I've found.

In the cpanel file manager I zip up the contents of my public_html folder, download it, and download the mysql database.

Keeping in mind I'm new at this Linode stuff and struggling a bit, can I do this on Linode?

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Hey there,

Yes - you can do a manual Backup of your Linode. One way of doing it is with our Backup Service. While our backups are automated, you do have one slot available for a Manual Snapshot which can be taken at any time. Keep in mind, though, that there's only room in that slot for one snapshot and taking a new one will overwrite the old.

There are also some other ways of backing up your Linode, and we've put together a guide on it. I'll drop the link below for you to take a look at:

Backing up your Data

I hope this helps!

Yes. You can transfer files to and from your Linode in many different ways, such as with rsync and SFTP. You can do this with any server, not just Linode.

I have Filezilla connected via SFTP so moving files should be easy enough although I would need to learn exactly what I need to backup (obviously everything in the /var/www/mysite folder) but there may be config files elsewhere that I don't know about.

I am currently in the dark about backing up mysql databases. I tried to, previously, move our company website to Linode but completely and spectacularly failed. I could NOT, in spite of following Lindode guides and searching the entire internet, manage to import the mysql databse.

I may try again. I'm using my Linode for Nextcloud at the moment and it's working well. I may start another Linode and see if I can, this time, get the website onto it.

I'm a Linux user on my own computers but I don't need to do much in the terminal for that. The terminal knowledge needed for Linode is pushing me hard, but I am learning a little bit at a time - slowly.


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