Simple CNAME DNS Lookup from one domain to another

I'd like to get either of these 3 Use-Cases working using CNAME.

UC#1. I'd like to have its content served from
UC#2. I'd like to have its content served from
UC#3. I'd like to have its content served from
Ideally, I'd like all of these working, but lets focus on a simple use-case, UC#1 for now:

I would really prefer to not use Cloudflare or any other provider, and I am trying to get a basic CNAME lookup working.

Here are screenshots of my Linode Cloud DNS Settings for:

This is what I expect to happen:
When I go to, I'd like to have its content served from (or

But it's not what I am seeing. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong to get this CNAME lookup working?

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You don’t have DNS records for “” or “” set up according to that screenshot.

You currently have abc,random,

If you want and to be served by the same server hosting “” then you need DNS CNAME records for each of these pointing to “”.

Also it’s worth noting this isn’t a redirect - you will also need to configure your web server to serve up the same content as “” for “” and “”.


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