FileZilla Permissions Errors (Connection Refused)

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I am getting "connection refused" when using SFTP to connect to my Linode via FileZilla. I have set the proper public and private keys and am able to access my Linode using SSH directly. Why am I unable to connect with FileZilla?

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Hi there,

The best way to check for the root cause of these errors is to connect to your Linode via SSH and then run:

tail -f auth.log

Following that, attempt a connection via FileZilla. You will see information regarding why your connections are being refused. For example:

Directory "/run/systemd/sessions" already exists, but has mode 0777 that is too permissive (0755 was requested), refusing.

This appears to be a security setting blocking users from connection who have permissions that are too lenient. To fix this, from your limited user on your Linode run:

chmod 755 <directory>

You will need to run this for each directory that is prompting the permissions error. From here you should be all set!

Aaron H.
Linode Customer Support


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