How do I find my Domain ID?

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When writing some code to automatically point my domain to a new Linode I'm receiving a 500 error from the API. Apparently, I need the domain's ID however I am not seeing the domain ID in Cloud Manager. Any ideas on where I can find it?

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There are a few ways to retrieve a domain ID, but if you are using the Cloud Manager the simplest resource will be the URL in your browser's address bar. After selecting the "Domains" tab, then clicking on a specific domain, the URL will look something like:

The number at the end of the URL is the ID of your domain!

If looking for additional methods for retrieving domain info, feel free to also reference our API documentation here which offers the curl command and Linode-Cli as alternatives.

You also might find this post helpful, which includes a sample bash script that utilizes curl to retrieve the domain ID.

Have the ID shown within the list of domains would have been great…


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