When will the Object Storage API be able to report total storage used?

Using du ... / s3cmd du ... on an object storage mount is painfully slow on buckets with 10's or 100's of thousands of objects… I mean PAINFULLY slow as in 30min to an hour or more.

We're billed based on storage so I know the information is available to you guys, so it doesn't seem quite fair that we don't have an easy way to tally or track our storage use when we're on the hook for it ;)

When will the API be able to report the total storage currently in use for a bucket? … or at the very least, total storage for the account?


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Hi Kevin,

This is actually already implemented in the API - it's just not documented yet. I'll submit a PR for the team to add this.

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer .....' https://api.linode.com/v4/object-storage/buckets


The "size" value is in bytes.

It is also now displayed in Cloud Manager (the "Size" column.)

Fantastic! Thanks very much @andysh, that makes my day! Can you tell me if the results are delayed, or are they live?

Thanks again,

This seems to reflect immediately in Manager when I’ve added objects to a new bucket, and Manager gets its data from the API, so I believe it is live (or only slightly delayed.)

Thanks again @andysh, one last question… as I understand it, billing is based on an average of sum storage over time at the end of the month, do you know what the polling interval is, or is there a simple formula we can follow to get a rough estimate? We're going to be monitoring client accounts with this and need to be a bit predictive and proactive with our reporting, so the more accurate we can be the better.


@ecommunities I don't I'm afraid. My current storage is well under the 250GB, so I only need to worry about the $5/month :)

@andysh no worries, thanks for the help you were able to offer, very much appreciated!

@Linode Can someone potentially clear up my last question about the calculation for Object Storage? Now that we've got access to a running total quickly, just need to understand how often that's used to find our average for billing purposes to we can project costs.



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