How do I install an open -source application that is in GIT HUB?

I have a CentOS 7 Linode and I would like to install this open-source software to a Linode.
Can you point me in the right direction?

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The readme there suggests visiting the wiki. It looks like that has video tutorials and other documentation that could help you. I'd check those out first and see what you can come up with for installation.

Also, if you're building the application, be sure to install any development libraries that it may require in order for it to be built. If it's a graphical application, you could forward X11 over SSH, or install a VNC server for remote access.

Hopefully, all this will be helpful to you and get you going on your project. Have fun!



My apologies.

I realize that I have referenced this particular app, in general, where can I find the steps to install an app from GITHUB to my Linode.


GitHub itself has the means for you to clone a repository to your Linode. You're even able to copy the command to the clipboard, I believe. You need the git application installed, then use a command like this one.
git clone

Here is documentation from GitHub itself on this subject. If you need to switch branches, you can check this out.



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