It's written "LKE supports integration [...] with Rancher", how ?


By looking here it's written that LKE can be integrated to Rancher but how ? We can deploy a RKE (Rancher Kubernetes Managed) with Linode-hosted nodes but can I create a LKE from Rancher as I can do with AWS EKS, Azure AKS or Google GKE ?

Is there a way to achieve that ? By creating the LKE and then using the "Import an existing cluster" (and then kubectl apply -f ?


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Right now, deploying a Kubernetes cluster with Linode is something you can do in Rancher. There is a plugin for Linode that allows you to manage your Kubernetes cluster. We have a guide which shows you how to set this up:

Deploying Kubernetes on Linode with Rancher 2.3

You're right, that is for an RKE using Linode. If you want to purely use the LKE, I recommend following our guides which show you how to deploy it via API or with the Cloud Manager.

Thanks for your answer. So LKE did not integrate to Rancher at all (except with the import which is not as useful as it may be with creating LKE from Rancher directly).


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