How to create mysql server in Linode

Like in Amazon AWS is there anything like optimized database servers? Or simply I need to install mysql on any Linode?

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Hey @rag_gupta - I don't have any firsthand experience with Amazon's database offerings, but there are a bunch of different options for getting MySQL installed on a Linode server. One thing to note is that your MySQL configurations and settings will be up to you, and you'll just need to pick a plan for your Linode during the setup process.

Probably the easiest way to get a Linode up and running with MySQL is to use one of our One-Click Apps. We've got one available for MySQL specifically, and the instructions are included in our guide here:

Deploying MySQL with One-Click Apps

If you'd rather load things manually, we also have a ton of guides and tutorials on loading MySQL on various distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.):

Linode Docs: MySQL

I hope this answers your question! Let us know how everything is going once you get everything set up. :)


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