How do setup multiple WordPress Sites?

I want to setup multiple wordpress websites within single linode package. Is there any user interface by which we can do that? Please guide me.

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  • Spin up a Linode with adequate resources (the $5/month nanode is probably not going to be adequate). Pick a common distro that will support your needs (I like Debian…you may not…but Debian certainly fills the bill).

  • Set up DNS for all your sites. This assumes that you already own the domain names and have them registered somewhere. Prayer would be helpful here… File a support ticket with Linode asking them to open the mail ports on your Linode if your sites are going to send/receive email.

  • Set up a firewall (iptables(8) on Linux) and intrusion detection/mitigation…fail2ban(1), ssh(1) keys, etc. By this point in process, the Russian/Chinese dictionary attacks have already started…

  • Install all the stuff you need -- LAMP, LEMP, whatev. Get certificates from & set up web server to use them properly. Make sure it all works. More prayer would be helpful here…

  • Follow this guide to install Wordpress Multisite: In your case, your "network" will be only one node/IP address.

  • Plug all the security holes you had to create to do the previous step.

  • Watch all that AdSense $$$$ come a-rolling in…

-- sw

Thanks for the reply. I seen an option in marketplace. It allows me to install cpanel. How it will help us regarding site management? And can we have separate cpanel for each websites?

I generally regard cpanel as something you use when you want to re-sell capacity on your Linode. I may be wrong but, if that's the case, I don't see how it's going to help you at all.

Regarding your second question, read the paragraph above again.

-- sw

Yes when we will develop a website we want to create a cpanel for that website and sell hosting to the client. Is that possible?

I haven't the faintest idea.

-- sw

Is there someone to clarify my queries please?

I saw a StackScript in Linode's cloud manager called "cyberpanel" that might interest you:

I would never suggest using a panel of any kind.

I would highly suggest just learning how to use Apache and/or NGINX (I prefer NGINX due to generally better performance), and just run your sites directly on the webserver.

Not only will you not have to pay for a panel (cPanel and most other panels cost money), but you will save on overhead and will learn a thing or two along the way.

Look into the LEMP (Linux, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP) stack, that would be ideal for your use-case. You can also look into easy-engine, they provide a 2-command WordPress on NGINX install.

If you are planning to resell each site, I would suggest putting each instance on it's own server so one user who gets a DDOS attack or traffic spike doesn't make all the other client's websites slow.

There is a WordPress one-click app, but I believe it is a bit out of date, so I would suggest just using EasyEngine to create an image, then save that image and use it to re-create as many Linodes as you need in the future.


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