Detach a Linode Block Storage volume without reboot

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Is it possible to detach a Linode Block Storage volume without rebooting the Linode to which the volume is attached?

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While our official recommendation for how to detach a Block Storage volume from a Linode is shutting down your Linode before removing the Block Storage (since this is the safest way to detach a Block Storage Volume,) they are hot swappable so this is possible. You would need to make sure that the disk is unmounted before detaching it, and it would probably be safest to make sure it's not included in your /etc/fstab. This should be all that's necessary to be able to swap volumes between Linodes while they're running, but I'd definitely suggest testing this to make sure there isn't anything specific to your configuration that require some extra steps.

I've tested removing block storage that was assigned to an lvm physical volume and had no issues with the Linode afterwards. But glad to hear that they are hot swappable.



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