MX Record is not propagating Linode - Zoho

I have configured my DNS pointing to Linode and I use Zoho as mail server, as follows:

Mail Server Preference Subdomain TTL 10 5 minutes 20 5 minutes 50 5 minutes

this is what both tutorials asks, but the emails, are not been redirected to zoho's server and when I look into my domain using Zoho's Domain Tools, it shows that my Mx Record is not propagating.

Record type Record value
SOA " 2021000037 14400 14400 1209600 86400"
TXT "v=spf1 ~all"
TXT "v=spf1 a mx ~all"
NS ""
NS ""
NS ""
NS ""
NS ""

I have made the configuration mora than 24h ago
Other services pointing to the domain are working just fine

Could anyone help me to figure this out?

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@didactica --

Did you click on the MX tab at Zoho Domain Tools after searching for your domain? They show pretty plainly when you do that…

FWIW, I was also able to look it up using:


dig mx

on my Linode at the Fremont data center in California and

dig mx

on my Mac in Oregon. All 4 queries returned the same results.

-- sw

P.S., you didn't do an especially good job of hiding the real domain name…I was able to discover it pretty easily. The domain name I used in all four of these queries was not ! I have no idea if the MX records are correctly configured but they are there…

Thanks for your reply @stevewi if you looked at didactica's domain sure it is there.

But that is not the domain that i'm configuring at linode, that would be""

And there is no MX when you use this one, because , althoug it is configured, for some reason it is not been propagated

@didactica --

Has it been more than 48 hours? Generally, that's how long it takes for DNS changes to propagate around the world (despite any personal experience to the contrary).

If the problem persists after 48 hours, I'd file a support ticket.

-- sw


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