If I setup a Linode with Wordpress, can I run multiple websites on it? Or, do I need 1 Linode per domain?

I realize that in order to setup 1 Linode using one-click Wordpress, it seems you are dedicating 1 Linode for 1 website (with a single instance of Wordpress in it).

I am new here.

Is there a way to setup 1 Linode and run multiple instances of Wordpress in it, so that I may run multiple websites (completely different domains) in a single Linode?

Thank you for the help in advance.

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@miltonrodas --

You can host multiple domains on a single Linode. You just have to make sure your DNS and web server virtual hosts are set up correctly.

At one point, my Linode hosted 5 domains. It doesn't anymore but at one point in time it did.

-- sw

@stevewi -- thank you!

Since I will be using Wordpress only, for each of the domains' websites, do I have to do some special setup?

I realized that when you set it up, it asks you for 1 domain, 1 website title, 1 username and password, and it's all respective to 1 website. --- How do you let it understand you want a 2nd instance? or 3rd? … for which a 2nd and 3rd username/password would be needed.

Thank you again!

@miltonrodas --

You can either re-install Wordpress in a different location for each site. This is workable but presents a maintenance nightmare for WP versions and plugins if you have more than about 2 sites. It's also extremely wasteful of disc space.

You can investigate WP MultiSite and see if you can get it to work. MultiSite is designed to manage multiple WP sites running on different computers. However, it can be made to work with multiple sites running on the same computer. See:


for an introduction. I'm afraid I'm you're going to have to develop another source of expertise about it.

-- sw

Thank you @stevewi -- Sounds like one(1) Linode setup for one(1) website may need to be the way to go, then. But I will test as my sites will be new and traffic will be very low.

From my understanding, WP Multisite functions to create multi-sites within a single domain, such as page1.domainname.com or www.domainname.com/page1 … it would not be for www.domain1.com and www.domain2.com and www.domain3.com

I thank you for your help! Very much appreciated.

@miltonrodas --

This article may help. It shows how to install/configure 3 WP sites on a single VPS (not from Linode though but that doesn't matter):


You could carry the pattern forward to as many sites as your Linode has capacity. You'll want to use current versions of Debian, WP, Apache and MySQL/MariaDB.

I'd definitely use php-fpm in a setup like this (as opposed to the old/yucky embedded php module) so you can use a multi-threaded Apache MPM (mpm-event or mpm-worker…as opposed to mpm-prefork).

-- sw


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