Error 429 too many requests

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I'm doing a load test (using to simulate 600 connections to my site but I'm having the error "429 too many requests". We are using PHP 7.4, fpm-worker/event.

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It seems 429 errors are indicators of rate limiting:

429 Too Many Requests

I found an user that was having similar issues with and Cloudflare, where Cloudflare was responding with a 429 error due to apparently the limited number of IP addresses the service uses to generate the requests:

How to whitelist load testing IPs

The next questions I wanted answered were: where is rate limiting happening and how is it configured? After some more research I found that rate limiting is most likely located at the web server level and it's mostly done it's done via two methods:

  • Based on the rate of requests per user agents used
  • Based on the rate of requests per IP address

I found some articles on how to solve the 429 error by showing you how rate limiting is configured, which will hopefully assist you on making the necessary changes to pass the tests from

Hello, I have the same problem. However, the difference here is when I want to login to my account. I found the message "429"
Whoops! Too many requests. Please try again later."

I previously created 1 server for my website, and I restarted it. Then I logged out of my account and I tried to run it again by first logging into my account.


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