Why does the ipv4 address for server in Sydney datacenter resolve to geolocation in Mumbai?

I am an Australian expat based in Europe. I setup a Linode to use as an OpenVPN server to view Australian content. I chose a Datacenter in Sydney.

Unfortunately the ip address for the server in Sydney is being resolved to a gelocation in Mumbai and my VPN client is being sent 403s from Australian content providers.

Is it possible to get an ip assigned that will resolve to Sydney where the Datacenter is based rather than Mumbai?

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I was able to locate your account, and I could see that the IP address you were using was resolving to Mumbai through some geolocation databases, though others placed your IP address in Australia.

We don't really have a workaround for this right now, but your best bet would be the following:

  1. Spin up a new OpenVPN server, and check that the new IP address resolves to Australia using each of the links provided at the end of this post. (Note: if your original server is still active, you can skip to step 3. If you've deleted it, you can try restoring the recently deleted Linode from the image we save on your account)
  2. If that new IP resolves to a country other than Australia through any of the databases provided, then keep your OpenVPN server and spin up a second Linode .
  3. Check the IP for the second Linode - if that locates in Australia, then you can swap that IP address with that of your OpenVPN server, and then delete the second Linode once complete.
  4. If not, you will have to continue to spin up new servers until you get assigned an IP that works, and then swap that IP with your OpenVPN server.

Important things to note:

  • Our IP address assignments can be sticky for a 24 hour period; therefore, if you spin up a new Linode and the IP doesn't work for your purposes, we recommend keeping that Linode active and spinning up new servers until you find a good IP. Otherwise, if you delete the server and then spin up a new one, you may be assigned the same IP address.
  • We charge for our services by the hour, and Nanodes run at $0.0075/hour. You may be spinning up a lot of extra servers, but you'll be deleting them shortly after therefore incurred costs should be minimal.

Geolocation Databases:


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