Cannot connect to Minio Gateway with Linode Object Storage

Hello guys, trying for hours to make this work but I cannot figure out that is wrong. If Linode object storage is s3 compatible, then I cannot see why this cannot work

docker run -p 9000:9000 --name minio-s3 \
 -e "MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=access_key" \
 -e "MINIO_SECRET_KEY=secret_key" \
 minio/minio gateway s3

ERROR - which specified key??

ERROR Unable to initialize gateway backend: The specified key does not exist.

ENV are correct, I checked with docker inspect. Also tried to hard code keys into, also with no luck.
Then I asked on Minio Slack channel, and they also dont know why this is not working because of strange error.

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I did some digging around for you online and found a Stack Overflow page that addresses this error, and gives you some things to look into. I'd recommend it as a good starting point:

Amazon S3 exception: “The specified key does not exist”

It looks like it could be an issue with a specific file or filename. If this doesn't resolve the issue, let us know. I'll add some additional tags to this post to give it more visibility to the Linode Community.


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