Using web console on high-latency connection (i.e. satellite)

I'm on HughesNet, and until Starlink happens (which we expect pretty quickly, but it depends on our position in the beta queue), I need a way to SSH into my Linode.

It appears the latency is the problem - I had a friend test on his terrestrial ISP and it worked just fine. The thing is, I need to be able to access my server just once to change the SSHD config and install mosh. To the web console I went - the websocket connection is timing out.

I tested the websocket URI (wss:// on a dev validation site ( ), and if I set the connection timeout to less than a full second, it fails. As soon as I set it to a second, it connects immediately every time.

So…is it possible for Linode to add a high-latency option to the web console? As it stands, I have literally no way to access my Linode unless I drive an hour to where there's good enough cell phone service to tether.


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You may have better luck using Lish-via-SSH rather than Lish-via-web.


Hope that helps,


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