IllegalOperation: Transaction numbers are only allowed on a replica set member or mongos


Iam getting error when shard collection. Can you help me?

This my error

{"t":{"$date":"2020-11-23T15:11:05.331+07:00"},"s":"I", "c":"MIGRATE", "id":23893, "ctx":"MoveChunk","msg":"MigrationCoordinator delivering decision to self and to recipient","attr":{"decision":"aborted","migrationId":{"uuid":{"$uuid":"0d05a912-9ca1-4bf6-ba94-b9656b01da4d"}}}}
{"t":{"$date":"2020-11-23T15:11:05.332+07:00"},"s":"W", "c":"MIGRATE", "id":22022, "ctx":"MoveChunk","msg":"Failed to clean up migration","attr":{"chunkMigrationRequestParameters":"ns: exampleDB.exampleCollection, [{ _id: MinKey }, { _id: -4611686018427387902 }), fromShard: shard0000, toShard: shard0002","error":"InterruptedDueToReplStateChange: Stepped down while persist migrate abort decision","migrationId":{"uuid":{"$uuid":"0d05a912-9ca1-4bf6-ba94-b9656b01da4d"}}}}
{"t":{"$date":"2020-11-23T15:11:05.332+07:00"},"s":"W", "c":"SHARDING", "id":23777, "ctx":"MoveChunk","msg":"Error while doing moveChunk","attr":{"error":"IllegalOperation: Transaction numbers are only allowed on a replica set member or mongos"}}
{"t":{"$date":"2020-11-23T15:11:05.332+07:00"},"s":"I", "c":"SHARDING", "id":22080, "ctx":"MoveChunk","msg":"About to log metadata event","attr":{"namespace":"changelog","event":{"_id":"mongodb-shard:27017-2020-11-23T15:11:05.332+07:00-5fbb6e993cfb07ec322470fd","server":"mongodb-shard:27017","shard":"shard0000","clientAddr":"","time":{"$date":"2020-11-23T08:11:05.332Z"},"what":"moveChunk.from","ns":"exampleDB.exampleCollection","details":{"min":{"_id":{"$minKey":1}},"max":{"_id":-4611686018427387902},"step 1 of 6":0,"step 2 of 6":2,"to":"shard0002","from":"shard0000","note":"aborted"}}}}

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I have not personally run into this, but I did some digging around online for you and found the following page on Stack Overflow:

MongoError: Transaction numbers are only allowed on a replica set member or mongos

The gist of the article starts that you need a Mongo replica set, and it gives instructions on how to accomplish this.

I hope this is helpful - please let me know if this works for you!


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