actually where i need to add mx record? in cPanel or Linode?


I'm using Yandex mail. I purchased a Linode and migrated my cPanel to Linode. Now I can send email from Yandex but can't receive mails. all DNS records added to cPanel & Linode both but MX records are not reflecting when I was checked in mx toolbox web. any one please let me know what I have to do please.

Bounced mail message :

Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

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Without being able to see your DNS configurations, it's tough to see what might be happening. What I recommend doing is making sure that you have your MX records configured properly in both - as I've seen that be the culprit more than once in these situations.

For Yandex, it should be configured like this:

Mail Server:
Priority: 10
Subdomain: leave blank

I verified that right through the Yandex docs:

Yandex - MX records

You can use the dig command to check that you've set everything up correctly:

Use dig to Perform Manual DNS Queries

Let us know if this helps you out. If you're receiving other errors, or this doesn't work, please respond and we'll try something else.


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