How do I make lish work after installing Devuan?

I have recently been replacing Debian Linux with Devuan Linux, because I hate systemd with a burning, abiding hatred which will burn down the whole world if I do not.

It was actually not hard ( I downloaded the minimalist livecd/installer, rsynced everything onto a small partition which will eventually be my /boot partition, and then convinced it to boot ).

But in the process, there was one piece of collateral damage: weblish.

I am able to see grub with weblish, but once I boot, the screen just stops moving. If, however, I switch to glish, I can see the booted box. Even hours later, the last thing I see in the weblish window is "boot".

What do I need to do to fix that? Is it a serial console issue? I don't really know how it works in the first place.

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Hey @PopeIndigent. In my experience, I haven't seen users have much luck utilizing weblish after installing a custom distro. Even though Devuan is a fork of Debian, our platform doesn't support it directly.

I've seen this most often when folks are running a Windows machine; once installed, it basically can't translate the foreign disk image for use via weblish, and a blank console output is what's left (even after it's fully booted). The results tend to be hit or miss with any custom distro, and additional features (i.e. Images or Backups) might not be compatible either.

You can always try updating grub to see if that gets the job done, but considering that Glish is working, you might be better suited to simply go sans weblish functionality.


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