Can’t access Administrator account on Linode with Windows Server 2012

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I’ve installed Windows Server 2012 on a Linode but the Administrator account is now disabled and I can’t access it.

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I’m not too familiar with the intricacies of Windows Server (though I have installed Windows Server 2016 on a Linode before) but I did find a few resources that may help you.

First, we do not have any Linode-specifc tools that directly allow you to restore or enable an Administrator account on a Windows Server installation. For Linux-based systems, we do have a Cloud Manager feature that allows you to reset the password for the root user on a Linode but that won’t work for you here.

I found the following articles on external sites that may guide you in the right direction:

While trying to recover your Administrator account, you may find our Rescue Mode functionality helpful. After you boot your Linode into Rescue Mode, you can mount your disks and perform some commands to perhaps modify the files on those disks.

While we’re generally a Linux-based community, there may be some people here that can better assist you. That said, you might also find assistance in Windows-based communities.


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