SPF Record Necessary for 3rd Party SMTP w/ Postfix?

I used one of the guides to set up Postfix to send mail using SMTP from SendinBlue. After some trial and error, it is working well. I set up mail to be able to use the contact features in the web based app webtrees that I set up on my server.

My question is, do I need to set up any sort of SPF record or add additional records to Linode's DNS manager? When I created my linode (a LAMP running Ubuntu 20.04) and added my domain, I had it create some standard records in the DNS manager and later added reverse DNS records.


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Hi @felipesnark - I'd definitely recommend setting up an SPF record if you plan to send mail directly from your Linode. It's a requirement of many mail providers to accept mail from a given domain, so if you don't have an SPF record it's likely mail from your Linode will be automatically be blocked by some mail services.

SPF Records

Thanks for the reply, @mjones. So even if I set up a relay to send mail through SendInBlue, I still need the SPF record? Just making sure I understand correctly.

@felipesnark --

I would say yes…an SPF record may be a requirement of SendInBlue…especially if you're using it as a relay. Having an SPF record won't hurt you if you don't need it but not having one will cause you great pain if you do need it.

-- sw


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