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Just out of curiosity, how would Linode treat a customer that hosted a conservative leaning web application with Donald Trump and as one of the users?

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Based on what I understand about Linode and their terms of service, nothing about such a website would be in violation. Therefore, they would allow the website to be hosted, since the website isn't illegal in any way, nor is it hosting any content under copyright without authorization.


This appears to be an exact duplicate of your other question.

@tech10 Per my comments on the other question, the AUP has plenty of language that gives them the ability to terminate for many other reasons, some that the entire left-leaning half of the US right would interpret to say such a customer could/should be terminated. I think we need someone more official to comment on how they choose to enforce in situations like this.

Edit: Linode's CEO's statement on Twitter suggests the would refuse service too.

The cloud has become a huge part of technology, but given that the hosting services from top to bottom are seemingly peopled with SJW I could see a rapid devolvement from Cloud services. We live in interesting times.


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