Network Helper for Centos 8: no effect?

I've followed the steps to enable Network Helper as described in the doc successfully a couple of times on Centos 7, but I've met with no success for a Centos 8 linode I've just created.

  1. I created it in the same datacenter as my other nodes (Dallas, TX).
  2. I added a private IP to it.
  3. I enabled Network Manager in the sole Configuration that appears at$NODEID/configurations
  4. I rebooted

(I notice that the UI for editing nodes is now different from what's prescribed in the Network Helper doc.)

  1. My attempts to ssh from the new node to other nodes at the same datacenter (Dallas, TX) just hang, then timeout.
  2. No /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/.ifcfg-eth0.linode-orig file was created.

My /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file reads as follows:


How can I ssh from my new Centos 8 node to another node in the Dallas, TX datacenter?

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Hi @pinneydevs - If Network Helper isn't adding in the IP address or isn't able to run on boot you can statically configure your Linode's IP addresses instead:

Linux Static IP Configuration

The section on CentOS 7 should work for CentOS 8 as well. I'll check into our Network Helper to make sure it's working as intended. Feel free to open a ticket if networking isn't working as expected for this or one of your other Linodes and myself or another member of the Support team will be happy to look into it from our end.

Hi again @pinneydevs - We found a problem with our Network Helper and have just recently deployed a fix for it. Could you try rebooting your Linode with Network Helper enabled? We have a status page for the problem here:

Thanks. Network Helper is working for me now!


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