100% Network traffic out

My server is showing 100% network traffic out. I have one Load balancer too. how can i handle my network high traffic?

How does load balancer work? because i believe connections are not that much.

Can i add another load balancer? or is there any way to handle it?

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For every Linode account, all inbound traffic is free, but your outbound traffic has a maximum based on your account's active Linode services. When that maximum is reached, your account will start to see overage fees. This maximum is called your Network Transfer Quota: It's the cumulative amount of outbound network traffic usage for all of the Linodes on your account. This is what the 100% usage is referring to.

Let's say your account has two active Linodes:

  • 1 GB Nanode with 1 TB of outbound network transfer
  • 4 GB Linode with 4 TB of outbound network transfer

In this scenario, the first Linode has 1 TB of transfer available and the second Linode has 4 TB of transfer available, so your Network Transfer Quota would be 5 TB of outbound network transfer data.

If you find that you need more outbound traffic to support your use case, you can actually deploy additional Linodes on your account so that your Network Transfer Quota increases. I've seen a lot of customers have success with this method.

Load balancers (or NodeBalancers) are used to balance inbound connections rather than outbound. A common use for NodeBalancers are to direct large amounts of inbound traffic to multiple backend nodes. This can help with redundancy and site uptime, site staging, and even just supporting a site with tons of traffic.

If you need to balance inbound connections, NodeBalancers are the way to go. If you need to increase the amount of outbound traffic you have available for use, I would recommend deploying extra Linodes to add onto your Network Transfer Quota total.


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