How to login to my server after upgrading my mac?

I was accessing my server via SSH with my mac key and also disabled the root login for the same server. A month ago, I upgraded my mac and I have no more access to my old mac. Now I can't login even as a root user. I also forget my password to that server because I was so used to that auto login.

I already change the root password via Linode Panel but because I disabled the root access to that server, I can't login as root (or maybe there is a way to enable it via Linode Control Panel)

Any help is appreciated.

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UPDATE: I was able to login as root via Linode's LISH Console in the browser. Now I am looking how to delete all those keys I made and enable that root access via SSH. If you still wanted to reply, yes I still need more guides, a direct link to User Guide will be much appreciated.

My server distro is Debian 10.


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