How do I keep the NodeBalancer alive in LKE?

When I create a loadbalancer service in LKE, it automatically gets deleted when a node is shutdown making everything unavailable.

Trying to deploy Wordpress on LKE with 3 worker nodes and a NodeBalancer.
In my testing to check how resilient the cluster and setup is, I shutdown one of the nodes to see if it kicks in failover.
But instead, the LB is gone after some minutes.
Not in LKE but gone in the Linode Manager web UI.

How and why is this happening? Why is the Nodebalancer deleted automatically when a node is shutdown?

On the Nodebalancer details when I quickly check it, it then shows 0 out of 3 nodes available while I would expect it shows 2 out of 3 available (only 1 Node was shutdown).
And then it gets auto deleted completely.

Big mystery …

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This issue can be caused by deploying a service of type ClusterIP rather than a service of type loadbalancer. Deploying a service of type loadbalancer will result in a NodeBalancer being created with the prefix ccm-. Alternatively, using a ClusterIP type will mean that the service can only be accessed from within your cluster, causing it to delete when the cluster is shut down. If this doesn't seem to apply to your case, you'll want to open a Support ticket so we can take a closer look at your cluster.


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