How to provision instance using terraform in marketplace

Using terraform I am provisioning Cent OS 7 instance --> i have image information (image = "linode/Centos7")

Working example ----
resource "linode_instance" "Nagios" {
image = "linode/Centos7"
label = "zenoss-01-centos7"
region = var.region
type = "g6-standard-2"

But what if I want to provision " Linode Label mysqlmariadb" then what needs to be use as resource "linode_???" is not valid as if I use image name as below giving error

resource "linode_instance" "mysqlmariadb" {
image = "linode/mysqlmariadb" ---
label = "linux-01-mysqlmariadb"

Error is as below -

Enter a value: yes

linode_instance.mysqlmariadb: Creating…

Error: Error creating a Linode Instance: [400] [image] image is not valid

Something is fundamentally wrong in my code - any idea what to use

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Hi there!

Is the mysqlmariadb a custom image? If so, I recommend trying the following for the image field:

image = "private/mysqlmariadb"

To deploy from a private, custom image from what I understand you should prepend the Image ID with "private/", whereas Linode supplied images are prepended with "linode/".

Since I'm limited on the information that I have about your configuration, that's just a suggestion on a place to start. Let us know if this is a solution for you - and if not we can keep looking into this.


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