Deploying stackscript image using terraform

Terraform code as below, where I have mentioned stackscripts_id

resource "linode_instance" "mysqlmariadb" {
image = "linode/centos7"
label = "linux-01-mysql"
region = "ap-northeast"
type = "g6-standard-1"
stackscript_id = "16516"

Getting below error

linode_instance.mysqlmariadb: Creating…

Error: Error creating a Linode Instance: [400] [db_root_password] A value for the UDF db_root_password is required.


So I mentioned db_root_password = "xyz" (some other password I mentioned)

now below message -

An argument named "db_root_password" is not expected here


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Hi @siddharthdex

I was able to test this out on my end and get it working!

Here is the test StackScript I made based off of your script mentioned in your other community post


### Added UDFs to test/confirm they work
# <UDF name="mysqluser" Label="Mysql User" example="username" />
# <UDF name="mysqluserpassword" Label="MySQL Password" example="Pass" />

### Enable logging for the StackScript (Just added for testing)
set -xo pipefail
exec 1> >(tee -a "/var/log/stackscript.log") 2>&1

### Commands
sudo yum update -y
sudo yum install wget -y
sudo yum install tar -y
cd /root
sudo wget
sudo rpm -ivh mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm
sudo yum install mysql-server -y
sudo systemctl start mysqld
sudo systemctl status mysqld

echo "DONE...."

Terraform config

provider "linode" {
  token = "$APITOKEN"

resource "linode_instance" "mysqlmariadb_community" {
image = "linode/centos7"
label = "linux-01-mysql"
region = "ap-northeast"
type = "g6-standard-1"
stackscript_id = "$stackscriptID"
root_pass = "$SEcRET"

stackscript_data = {
    "mysqluser" = "$SEcRET"
    "mysqluserpassword" = "$SEcRET"

Once the Linode is provisioned you can 'tail -f /var/log/stackscript.log' on the Linode and watch the StackScript execute.

Hope that works for you!

On CentOS 7, there was no /var/log/stackscript.log.


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