I am trying to figure out, how can I deploy new Linodes via Form Submitted on website and I want to use Webhooks for that.

  1. I manage to get GET request valid via


I just added Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN into header .
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

  1. Now I have moved to POST request to create a Linode instance via


and mapped corresponding data

"type": "g5-standard-2", "region": "us-east", "image": "linode/debian9", "root_pass": "root_password", "label": "prod-1"

And getting into error : 401 Invalid token.
Screenshot 3

Token is the same that was in GET Request and has all r/w permissions.
I have contacted support and they reffered me here, into community.

Could someone please help me, how can I create Linode via Webhooks or what did I put wrong into fields.

Thank you very much !


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I was able to locate the ticket that was opened on this issue, and I want to first follow up with some of the steps that were given there to see if they worked for you. I won't give specifics, obviously, because this is a public space and your privacy is extremely important to us.

Did you try running the following to see if it worked?

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \ https://api.linode.com/v4/linode/instances

The reason we ask is because if you get the same error, you may need to create a new API token. If you go that route can you let me know if it works?

I do understand we gave you similar steps in the ticket, but I think the results of those steps would help the Community work to figure this out with you.

I'm not an expert in Zapier, but I did want t at the very least provide you with some documentation regarding webhooks I found on their site. I'd also like to open up the discussion to other Community members who might have tried this before.

Zapier Webhooks Help


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