How do I set Google domain DNS for Static Site on Object Storage

I try to follow this guide, but it doesn't work:

www.mydomain.tld CNAME

subdomain.mydomain.tld CNAME


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Since I don't see your actual configuration, I wanted to give you some suggestions based on other customers who've run into something similar.

This issue happens when using Cloudflare, and if by chance you're using Cloudflare to set your CNAME, there's another post here on the site which shows you how to do it correctly.:

How can I set Cloudflare CNAME link Object Storage and use CDN

If you're not using Cloudflare, make sure that you're using your domain and bucket information in place of what is given in the examples. I don't know exactly how you have it configured, since the examples you've provided are those from the guide.

For example, if your domain is, it would look something like this (based of the example's bucket name):

We'd be happy to look at your specific CNAME records, but understand if you don't want to post that information on a public forum.


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