network issue

I want to connect to my server in linode via vpn.
i try to install pfsense. It's not possible (they do not support.
i try to install it's moving to offline under reboot)
I ask a firewall connection it's not possible (only possible in canada, inda and australia).
What should i do?

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Hey @ventu-bsa. You are correct in that we don't currently offer direct support for pfSense on our platform right now; it runs on FreeBSD, and while that's something we're looking into, I can't guarantee that it will be supported. There is a discussion about installing pfSense on a Linode server in this other recent Community thread: Install pfsense on Linode

If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you're trying to connect directly to your Linode via a local VPN. Unless there is a firewall blocking your VPN's IP or range, there should be nothing inhibiting your ability to connect. For example, I use a VPN on a daily basis and am able to connect directly to my Linode servers with no issue. Just in case, we have some really good guides on configuring and clearing firewall rules here: Linode Guides: Firewalls

You mention that you're only able to connect from certain geographic regions. We have a helpful Community post about solutions for country-based IP blocking, but a common solution tends to be setting up a proxy server with a program like Shadowsocks.

A great way to check for a potential network routing issue is to use the MTR utility. If you think this might be playing a factor, I'd recommend installing MTR and running reports to and from the Linode you're looking to connect to: Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR

Hopefully this gives you a couple things to work with!


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