My Linode's IP address has been blocked in my country. What can I do?

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If your Linode's IP address is blocked in your country, here are some steps you can take to access it again.

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My Linode's IP address has been blocked in my country, what can i do?

Occasionally, we've received reports from customers who report that they are no longer able to connect to their Linode in China. In the past, our team has transferred the affected IP addresses for these Linodes, but we have determined that this method is ineffective in resolving the connectivity issues that our customers face. At this time, we are no longer transferring IP addresses for Linodes that are only unreachable in China.

As we have noticed that this is mainly affecting VPN and proxy users, our recommendation for customers is to investigate different proxy and VPN options for their Linode. It’s important to note that some users have found that basic VPN and proxy connections (such as Shadowsocks, OpenVPN and the options provided by Streisand) are still actively filtered. In this case, if the services above don’t work for you, you may want to consider working with some of the specialized services configured to specifically address the difficulties of the filtering. Below we’ve provided some links to common proxy and VPN software that could serve as alternatives.

Common services


OpenVPN with SSH tunneling



Specialized services

ShadowsocksR - (shadowsocks with additional obfuscation making it harder to detect.)

Firefly - (A proxy software to help circumventing the Great Firewall.)

Wireguard - (a newer VPN protocol)

Another alternative users have experienced success with, is utilizing their Linode’s IPv6 address. This is located in the IP Addresses panel on the righthand side of your Linode’s dashboard in Cloud Manager. While users have reported connectivity issues with their IPv4 addresses they’ve still been able to access their server via IPv6.

If you’re currently unable to connect to SSH, you will need to use our out of band LISH Console to make changes to your configuration.

Please note, the internal configurations and applications of individual Linodes are outside the scope of our Support. We will not be able to assist you in deploying VPN and proxy services on your Linode. If you have questions about configuring these services we’d recommend reaching out to the other Linux community resources as well as our own Community Site and IRC channel:

A few other options are to clone your Linode to a new data center using our cloning tool or create a new Linode in the same data center and then transfer the IP address to your existing Linode. For more information on how to clone a Linode and transfer IPs, please visit the links below to our documentation.


Stephen Crane…
Linode Customer Support

I use linode as my website But the IP is blocked in China, so that's say it will blocked in China for this web. If you can't change the IP, I need to release this server.

Another option to obtain a different IP address is to migrate your Linode to a different data center. If you go to the "Disk/Configs" tab within the Linodes dashboard, you will see the following message at the bottom of the screen:

Configure a Migration
You can migrate your Linode across data centers automatically. Click here to get started.

More detailed steps on how to do this are available via the link below.

We now have a number of the recommended options listed above available with our Marketplace apps, which make for quick and easy installation on a new Linode.


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